International Chainsaw Carving Summer School

Every participant has accomodation at Kaldavere hostel, meals 3 times a day, fuel for chainsaw, chain oil, wood for chainsaw carving. Every participant can take part in lectures and workshops, go to sauna every evening, swim in the pond, use the services of the hostel. Olemas pesemisvõimalus, ujumise võimalus, igal õhtul saun, suvekooli koolitusprogramm, turismitalu poolt pakutavad muud teenused.

Every participant creates on bigger or several smaller statues. Abstract statues need approval from the organizer. Beginners may have mentors. Participant must have tools and security equipment, but we might lend some missing items. Let us know what you need when filling yhe registration form.

Participants don't pay for taking part but the created statues will be given to the sponsors.

Participants may sell their statues in the summer school. Size and quantity needs organizer's approval. 10% of the price goes to the organizer.